Best Workouts for Women

One of the cardinal mistakes many women make is to focus on workouts that are essentially designed for men. These workouts in themselves may have nothing wrong, but they put undue and misplaced pressure on the female body due to its different makeup. Hence, instead of enjoying the benefits of regular workout, these women find themselves fatigued and their body clock becoming erratic. If you’re a lady looking to start working out, or are stuck in a workout regime that is paying diminishing returns, we’ve compiled a list of workouts that any woman can use to achieve her fitness goals in the shortest possible time.
Best workouts for women

One-Arm Dumbbell Rows

Contrary to what many dumbbell workout guides will tell you, these pieces of heavy metal can help you shape up and improve your posture significantly. The key to doing so is to choose dumbbells which are about 75% of the weight you would use when you following simple ways to gain muscles quickly. Take one dumbbell and:

  1. Grasp it in your right/left palm with the palm facing towards your body.
  2. Raise your arm till it makes a V-shaped angle with your body.
  3. Stretch your right leg forward if you’re holding the dumbbell in your right palm and vice versa. Keep the spine erect and neutral while doing so.
  4. Bend the stretched leg to a degree you’re comfortable. Keep the other leg straight.
  5. Bend your back forward till your chest is touching or very close to your thighs.
  6. Stretch the arm till it hangs perpendicular to the ground, grasping the dumbbell. Keep the other arm on your hip or on your knee.
  7. Now inhale deeply as you gently retract the arm holding the dumbbell from the perpendicular to the V-shaped position.
  8. Return the arm to the perpendicular position as you exhale. This marks the completion of one set.
  9. Repeat the process 4-5 times and then shift to the other arm/leg for 4-5 more sets.

Frequency of Workout – Daily, twice if needed.

Intensity – Low to medium

Note Safe for pregnant women, except in third trimester.

Single Leg Donkey Calf Raise

Calves are among the most neglected parts of the body, and this is all the more the tragedy because calf exercises can improve body shape and help in burning fat to a significant extent, thus making calf workouts among the best exercises for women. The best part about this is that if maintenance and tips for rowing machines or any other fitness instruments with long shafts are followed, these instruments can be used as the pole with which to carry out the exercise. Note that for rowing machines, the shaft has to be raised to a perpendicular (storage) position for the exercise to be carried out:

  1. Place the front of your left/right foot on a block or small platform that is not too high.
  2. Bend forward till you can hold the top of the pole (mentioned above) by keeping your arms straight. Keep the spine in a neutral position while doing this.
  3. Cross the other leg behind the one placed on the block. Rest just the tip of this leg’s foot on the block.
  4. Raise the heel of the foot on the block to the maximum extent, ensuring that you maintain your balance and your spine and arms are straight. Hold for a moment.
  5. Lower the heel to the normal level and change the order of feet.
  6. Repeat the process 4-5 times with each foot.

Frequency of workout – Daily before or after a workout, preferably in the morning. If necessary, can be carried out twice a day with an interval of at least 6 hours in between.

Intensity – Low

Note Safe for pregnant women, except in third trimesteror when special medical conditions prevent aerobic workouts.

Crunches, Especially Bicycle Crunches

Crunches have long been counted among the best exercises for women, but recent EMG tests have shown that bicycle crunches can improve obliques, hips and abs considerably more than standard crunches. Now contrary to what the name suggests, bicycle crunches do not involve a stationary bike, but can be done before or after a workout provided you know how to use a rowing machine or any other fitness appliance in a moderate manner. To carry out bicycle crunches:

  1. Lie on your back in a neutral position, keeping the legs in a straight line with your spine. In situations where you have to workout on a cold floor, a mat may help make the workout more comfortable.
  2. Put your arms behind your back with elbows outstretched.
  3. Raise both your legs towards your chest, bending it at the knee such that the knees eventually make a 90 degrees angle with your torso.
  4. Pull your left leg towards your chest and twist as you would do when performing normal crunches. Stretch the right leg in a 45 degree angle with the ground.
  5. Raise your right elbow and bring it near your leg in an oblique fashion, such that it finally arrives near your bent left knee. Hold this position for a second.
  6. Without taking any rest, lower your left leg to the 45 degree stretched position and your right elbow to rest position.
  7. Raise the right leg and left elbow and carry out the same procedure again.
  8. Repeat 5-10 times for both legs.

Frequency of workout – Daily, once.

Intensity – Medium to high

Note – The workout is not recommended for pregnant women entering their second trimester.


While the above three workouts are not the only ones that can be counted among the best exercises for women, it is true that they can be carried out with the greatest ease, yet offer the best long term dividends. Of course, there are special categories – such as pregnant women in their final months of pregnancy – who are prohibited from carrying out any strenuous workout. Furthermore, the intensity of these workouts and their frequency can be varied if the lady is working out on additional fitness instruments. For instance, if she is using a rowing machine purchased using our buying guide, or any other quality workout instrument, she may want to reduce the frequency of the above three workouts to ensure adequate recovery period. That said however, for the average woman, whether or not she has gone through pregnancy, the above exercises can be counted as some of the ideal workouts for gaining the physique she desires.