BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower Review

BodyCraft is a name that you will found associated with research and development of years and this BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower is a result of those trials. This commercial rower is more expensive than the famous Concept2 rowers and thus they are expected to have a performance even better than that of Concept2 machines. When market research is carried out, you will find this one to be a lot newer than various old models leading the market. The rowing machine review will give you complete details on various key features of this commercial rower.

With its adjustable ergonomically designed seat, you can enjoy a healthy rowing experience. With some useful health tips, the design of this machine makes it the most beneficial exercising machine and you can have worry-free workout. This machine works well in shaping your muscles without causing them any damage. It is a professional rower presented with reduced friction and comfortable gripping.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions:  99 x 20 x 39 inches
  • Machine Weight: 101 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds
  • Resistance:  32 levels
  • Programs: 12 pre-set programs
  • Warranty: Lifetime on frame/ 5-year on parts/ 2-year on labors

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Ease of assembly

The BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower is easy, quick and simple. Just follow the instructions for assembly and you will find no problem at all.


Without any doubt, you can call this machine an excellent choice of rowing machine in terms of its design and structure which is well thought out. It is highly durable, robust and modern design. The frame is made up of powder coated steel including Anodized Aluminum Beam that makes it sturdy enough to hold a user weight of 350 pounds.

The design is fold and roll type that makes transferring the machine to any place around your house or health club quite easy and simple. It features padded comfortable seat with height of 19 inches which is designed well to give you maximum benefits.

Machine itself weighs around 101 pounds with size 99 x 20 x 39 inches. The electronically controlled magnetic air and eddy current resistance makes it a more viable machine. BodyCraft offers a lifetime residential warranty on frame, 5 years for parts, and 2 years for labor and 1 year for wear items. It offers 10 years commercial warranty on frame, 2 years for parts, and 90 days for labor and 1 year for wear items.

Ease of use

The BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower is extremely easy to use with adjustable seat and easy to use handlebar. It offers great comfort of rowing with the machine. Also the foot straps are adjustable that gives you more feasibility. The material around the foot straps is smooth nylon that would protect your feet. Users can carry out various exercises with the variety of programs this machine has to offer. You will be able to enjoy completely comfortable workout with entire design made for convenience and relief.


This commercial rower operates of 32 different levels of resistance that the user can adjust with the use of buttons located on the handle. You may have seen machines with remote controls however these buttons are quite uncommon. Many rowers have automatic pre-set resistance control programs but here you can manually adjust the level according to your own personal preference. The rower operates smoothly with reduced friction so you can work out more without unnecessary strain on your body parts.


The foot straps and heel rest are adjustable that gives you all the comfort of rowing with the machine. The handle bar is user-friendly ergonomic designed with the main objective of offering reduced level of strain and more comfort. They are placed close to a perfect formation of rowing. We already discussed that the seat is comfortable and it is designed with durable roller bearings. It features premium quality nylon handle drive belt and the track is designed with high strength aluminum and I-Beam. It is 3 inches wide.


The BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower display monitor is well placed and is easy to reach. The monitor gives you all the information that you may find with another high-end rowing machine such as Concept2 Indoor Rower. All the useful workout information is displayed for convenience of users. The backlit black mask LCD monitor allows you to read information like pulse rate, time, watt, strokes, level, profile, meters and SPM.

It includes 12 pre-set programs and is capable of storing up to 4 user profiles making this machine useful for more than one person in the house or gym. It has 4 race boat programs with which you can compete with other boats. This is an excellent workout for burning calories. It also includes 4 heart rate programs, 2 interval programs, 1 custom-defined and 1 manual program.

The chest strap that enables you to measure the heart rate is not included in the price which is a little disappointing factor. You can also set goal programs that enable you to set targets of time and distance for yourself. These can be set with touch buttons and selecting option buttons. You can also set your own goals with quick start manual mode.

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The only fact that is quite crucial to consider when choosing to buy this machine is that it is huge and would take ample amount of space in your house or at your fitness club. This machine has excellent buying benefits for people even with height up to 6’ 6” however the length of 99 inches makes this machine the second longest machine. However fold and roll system gives you ease of storing it away. If you are short of space you can opt for other compact rowing models.


  • All the parts of the rower are great quality components and the finish is powder coated that gives you long lasting durability.
  • The heavy duty mono rail makes this machine smooth to operate.
  • Long beam enables ease of stretching out legs.
  • Comfortable seat and quick adjustable foot straps enables you to set the machine according to your comfort.
  • The handlebar has a comfortable grip that reduces strain on your hands while working out.
  • Smooth operation with eddy current magnetic resistance system.
  • Controls to adjust through 32 resistance levels.
  • Easy to read backlit LCD display.
  • Wide range of programs.
  • Fold and roll system makes storage easier.


  • Large size with huge dimensions that takes up some amount of space.
  • High price tag.
  • Chest strap is optional and would cost you additional amount.


The BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower overall is a stable rower that gives you a high-end comfortable workout for a well-shaped body. It is suitable for beginners as well as for experts as it requires only low impact exertion on physique and muscles of your body. It offers great quality and smooth performance throughout years.

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