Rowing Machine versus Exercise Bike

All those who wish to have a good workout routine on a daily basis are often seem confused about which equipment they should choose as the variety is just overwhelming. When it comes to fitness, body building, losing weight or any other goal that you might have for staying fit; you will find some irresistible […]

Rowing Machine Elevates your Heart Health

Rowing machine is an excellent way of improving overall health by focusing on a group of muscles throughout your body. Not only rowing will strengthen your muscles but varied alterations with this technique would improve your heart rate. When rowing is performed with consistency it will enhance your cardiovascular fitness. Rowers can alter their workouts […]

The everywoman guide to losing belly fat

Popular media tends to depict the belly as the region which is toned fastest and most noticeably. However, belly fat, when encountered in a hardened form existent for many years previous to when it is sought to be removed, can be a tricky adversary. Not only is it hard to melt, but constantly seeks to […]

Best Workouts for Women

One of the cardinal mistakes many women make is to focus on workouts that are essentially designed for men. These workouts in themselves may have nothing wrong, but they put undue and misplaced pressure on the female body due to its different makeup. Hence, instead of enjoying the benefits of regular workout, these women find […]

Simple tips to gain muscle quickly

While introducing the means for burning fat quickly, we mentioned that the steps for those looking to build muscle were different, and it is on this aspect that we shall focus today. If weight loss seems all about putting in extra hours at the gym, common perception regarding body building revolves around dietary supplements that […]

Your short checklist of what to do and not to do before a Workout

So focused are we on the magic of workouts that we tend to forget that preparation is just as crucial as the act itself. We gave you a hint of this when we said in the tips for burning more fat guide that exercising on an empty stomach is a good idea. Below we shall […]

Tips for burning more fat

It is generally believed by a majority of workout enthusiasts that a diet and a workout session a day would give them an Adonis or Athena-like figure. Granted that more exercise provides greater dividends up to a level, but there are limits to which even the best rowing machines, elliptical trainers or any other fitness […]

Top exercises for weight loss on a rowing machine

While it is universally true that regular exercise brings many health benefits, what many people don’t realize is that regularity does not equate to monotony. The result is a plateauing out of the exercise graph and with it, the stagnation of health benefits. However, this does not mean that every person has to scale up […]

Benefits of regular exercise on a rowing machine

If you are receiving the full benefits of a rowing machine, you are likely burning upwards of 800 calories an hour. While this statistic in itself can be trumped by some high intensity (and hence high risk) workouts, the fact that the rowing machine workout is medium intensity and brings a range of specialized long […]

How to keep your Rowing Machine in good health

Whether you are a novice who is just learning how to use a rowing machine or a professional who has multiple rowing machines to work on, you should know that the large majority of accidents and injuries associated with rowing machines stem from the gradual wear and tear or accumulation of dust that occurs in […]

Who Should And Shouldn’t Use Rowing Machine Workout

During our rowing machine reviews, you may have often seen us mention that the said machine is useful for the elderly, those who are tall, etc. This naturally raises the question – who should and shouldn’t use rowing machine workout? Since it is not possible to answer the question for every rowing machine separately (beyond […]

How to get the effectiveness of Rowing Machine Workout

When one learns the methodology of proper rowing, it is natural to experience a feeling of intense joy and satisfaction. However, while the procedure may have been mastered, it is often found that users are not getting the most out of their rower. The reason behind this is that the guide to proper rowing offers […]

Tips For Using Safety A Rowing Machine

Like any exercise, indoor rowing requires use of muscles, and when muscles are used quickly, there is always a chance of errors creeping into the procedure for using a rowing machine. For this reason, some wealthy folks hire personal trainers to guide them through the exercise routine. For the average person though, a personal trainer […]