Concept2 – Best Selling indoor rower in the world

Concept2 Indoor Rowers are known to be the premium choice among people who work-out for fitness. It includes people of all age group and with different abilities of workout. Popularity of this brand among fitness lovers belongs to the number of benefits and impressive features these machines offer over other ordinary indoor rowers. A detailed overview of rowing machine reviews with factors that affect and features that prove beneficial, we will be able to make out why is Concept2 Best Selling indoor rower in the world.

Reputation of Concept2

Concept2 began back in 1976 with making of composite racing oars by Dick and Pete Dreissigacker. Concept2 introduced indoor rowing machine in 1981 and gradually the company became the best-seller indoor rower worldwide. The years of experience in the field and interesting features that these machines offer becomes the reason of popularity among all. Concept2 is famous among professional athletes, medically unfit cardio patients and all other individuals who prefer working out at home.
Cocept2 Model

What makes Concept2 standout?

Amazing Rating: The first thing that speaks for popularity and reliability of Concept2 indoor rowers is the amazing rating these machines have been given. Review of various machine reveal that the Concept2 machines have no less than 4.8 out of 5 star rating. Concept2 is thus well-known for creating some first-rate indoor machines that give you unmatched performance.

High Performance: What really makes a rower most effective is the number of muscles used during workout. With Concept2 rowers you will be able to enjoy a complete upper and lower body workout. You can be sure of getting excellent fitness and strength with the use of these rowers.

These indoor rowers work with air resistance against the flywheel. Thus the more you pull the more resistance you will get. It performs similar to a racing shell. The machines include spiral damper that enables less or more air to pass through the flywheel. The rower is constructed in a manner that it measures only the actual amount of power applied.

All the Concept2 rowers have a weight capacity of 500 pounds.

Great Durability: All the indoor rowing machines by Concept2 are built to last. Since Concept2 has been making these machines for more than 3 decades now and with the experience of all these years they make machines that last a lifetime. The products are backed by a reputed company and are fairly priced for the highest quality offered.

The Concept2 indoor rowers have aluminum monorail which is capped with track made up of stainless steel. This construction ensures a smooth movement of adjustable seat mounted on this rower. The chain or cord of the rower is plated with Nickel which prevents the machine from rusting and thus minimizes the need of maintenance. This plating allows for smooth running of these machines for longer time frame.

The rear legs are also made of quality steel. The entire structure is finished with powder coating that improves usability and gives great durability.

Ease to use: Both Model D and Model E machines of Concept2 have quick release framelock system that requires no tools for setting up (for work) and breaking down (for storage). All these machines can be broken up in to two pieces for ease of storage. They have caster wheels allowing them to be moved from one place to another with ease.

It has sliding seat, reasonable seat height, padded handle and adjustable good size footrests which makes this machine more user-friendly.

Advanced features: Concept2 machines include Performance Monitor that gives you complete information about your workout. You get to measure complete data accurately and compare your own performance. You get details of measurements like strokes per minute, distance covered, time duration, calories burned and much more. With Concept2 machines, you can easily keep track of performance against yourself.

Apart from the features and specifications, the Concept2 has a famous online community forum where you get a chance to connect with different training partners and could also participate in different challenges arranged online on individual and team level. The Online Logbook can be joined for these affiliations. Also people join in for tips and advice for workout. Moreover, the RowPro module enables people to train others online.

Reasonable price: Concept2 machines are great value for money. The price range is from $900 to $1,260, it depends on the model of your order. The money you pay for these machines is worth for the great benefits you get out of them.

Best Warranty: Concept2 rowers are backed by a warranty of limited 2 years for all parts and a 5 year warranty for frame from the date of purchase.

Models: With three models, you can choose an excellent rowing machine that suits your needs for an indoor rower. All these machines offer great opportunity to work-out for people of all age group. Let’s take a brief look at specifications of each of these models:

1. Concept2 Model D with PM5 Monitor

Cocept2 Model D with MP3

The Concept2 Model D with PM5 Monitor is the most affordable option and gives you good experience of luxurious workout at home.

The Performance Monitor 5 of this rowing machine gives you accurate details and it is adjustable so you can adjust the position as per your preference. It provides power of operation when the rower is in use. It includes a LogCard through which you can load data to your logbook or to computer. You can also enjoy playing games like Fish Game and Biathlon.

The spiral dumber and the flywheel of the rower make way for smooth and quiet operation. Quick release frame-lock and wheels gives easy storage and mobility. It is a light weight machine out of the three models.

This rowing machine is best suited for indoor rowing competitions. See our review

2. Concept2 Model D with PM4 Monitor

Cocept2 Model D with MP4

The Concept2 Model D with PM4 Monitor has most of the features similar to that of its earlier version however some additional features are added to this upgraded version of rowing machine.

It has a slightly higher seat and the support legs are constructed from welded steel. It has similar framelock mechanism, spiral dumber, flywheel and caster wheels. The major difference lies in the upgraded performance monitor of this model. The PM4 displays gives all the data including time, speed, distance, calories etc. however it has an additional option for wireless heart rate monitoring.

The PM4 is appointed with improved memory capacity that makes room future upgrades. Apart from the Fish Game and Biathlon, it also has Darts and Target Training. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack that recharges during rowing or when you plug it to a computer. The PM4 is ANT enabled that supports machine to machine racing for up to 8 machines with no additional components required. Read more full review

3. Concept2 Model E

Cocept2 Model E

The Concept2 Model E is most suitable for an environment where there are multiple users. This model has improved height, visibility, power, features, and accessibility and is a high strength machine. It is also suitable for commercial use.

It has a beautiful appearance along with all the benefits of a PM5. The seat is higher than Model D Rowers which makes climbing up and down easier. It is more feasible if you have problems with climbing up and down or there is issue of mobility.

The solid and sleek design of this machine has an excellent finish that protects it against scratches. Similar to other models it has framelock quick release system that makes storage of this rower easier. Caster wheels improve mobility. The increased leg height gives this machine more stability and a solid feel during workout. Check out review details


People care for different benefits of using a rowing machine and knowing all these features of different models would simplify decision making. Concept2 stands out to be the best selling indoor rower in the world for all including children, youngsters and for old. It works well for athletes as well as for individuals with no experience of fitness. No matter what you fitness goal is, the Concept2 machines would surely work for you!