Do You Have The Best Rowing Machine

If you read product descriptions and reviews on various rowing machines in the market today, you are likely to find yourself overwhelmed and confused. After all, each of them will claim that they are the best rowing machine out there and it is the one you should definitely spend your money on. But how do you really know if you truly spent your money wisely and ended up with the best rowing machine?

For some, the rowing machine with the most advanced specifications and featuring the newest technology takes precedence above all else. Other people are more fixated on the brand name attached to the machine itself; this brand is very popular so it must be the best one. Others, particularly the more budget-conscious users, are more concerned about the value that the rowing machine offers for their money. For them, they’ve hit the jackpot once they’ve scored a highly functional and effective machine among a selection of huge discount rowing machines.

To get a more definitive answer on whether you have the best rowing machine, there are several key factors that you should consider.


As in any other exercise machine or equipment, comfort is a paramount consideration. You want something that will effectively help you work out without risks of injuring or hurting yourself.

When taking the comfort factor into account, you have to look at the design and build of the rowing machine. Currently, the top rowing machines in the market boast ergonomic designs as well as materials that are primarily aimed at providing maximum comfort for users. Often, the seats have sufficient padding and upholstered in a soft material. The track should also enable smooth movement. The handles are made of material that is just as soft and specifically made for comfortable grip, even when the machine is used for extended periods. Test the amount of bend that the handle can give you; your arm should not feel at all awkward or uncomfortable.

The same is true for the footboards or footrests. They should be able to hold your heels firmly and securely, but still providing enough flexibility and fluidity when the rowing machine is in use. If the footrest can be adjusted to fit the size of your feet, and the foot plates have pivoting capabilities, then you’ll definitely have a more comfortable time while on the machine.

Ease of use

Having the best features and most advanced technologies will be useless if you find yourself having a hard time accessing them, much less using them. You want a machine that is straightforward in its operation; no complicated setups, no confusing settings to work with. You don’t want to waste precious minutes setting it up when you could already be working out.

Some rowing machines already cause problems when it comes to assembly. Often, it is because the instructions are poorly written, or there isn’t even an instructions manual that came with the unit upon purchase. It should not be difficult to put together, even for one who is not experienced when it comes to the assembly of machines. Just as it is easy to set up, you should also have no trouble putting it away for storage. In most cases, you will also factor in the portability, mobility and the weight of the rowing machine.

There should also be a user-friendly interface that will let you switch settings or program your workout or training session easily, as well as monitor your progress. The performance monitor should indicate all the important statistics that will aid you towards reaching your goal on your workouts.


All too often, many people associate the brand name of the rowing machine to its overall performance and quality. When shopping for rowing machines, people tend to look towards the more popular brands. This now begs the question: does it mean that the more popular brands offer the best rowing machines?

Yes and no. Yes, because these brands would not have earned their reputation if they do not have anything to offer in terms of performance and quality. However, you should not write off the less popular or less known names entirely, since they may have the exact features and specifications that you require in your very own rowing machine. Putting in some research may just turn up a gem of a rowing machine, one that best suits your needs, even if it is of an obscure brand.


When we speak of quality of rowing machines, we look at its build and the solidity of its construction. Of course, it goes without saying that the best rowing machine is one you’d expect to use years into the future. It won’t do you good to purchase a unit that will only last for several months to a year, so that you’d need to purchase another once it is no longer functioning.

Durability is certainly a major consideration when choosing a rowing machine. Therefore, you should look into the material used. Are they made of cheap plastic, or are you confident that the machine will stand up even to the most rigorous training or workout session? Many people make the mistake of interchanging attractive appearance with durability, so do not be easily fooled by “nice-looking” rowing machines that do not really perform up to par when put to work.


There is a general misconception that, if you want the best rowing machine, you should be willing to spend a lot of money, and that the more expensive the rowing machine is, the better it will be. This is an erroneous presumption to make since, as many users would attest to, you can get an outstanding rowing machine, which has all the features you want and need, at a fraction of the price of the more expensive models. If you manage to find the perfect rowing machine for you among a lineup of huge discount rowing machines, then you can rest assured that you’ll get great value for your money.


At the end of the day, you know you have the best rowing machine if it manages to combine comfort, safety, easy operation, and great value with the positive results that you are looking for in your workout. Of course, a trusted brand name with a reputation for quality and efficiency attached to the rowing machine will not hurt, either. So, looking at your rowing machine, do you think you have a winner?