First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rower Review

Rowing machines are the best manual instruments for using at home. You must get a rowing machine if you have decided to be fit. Besides you do not need to spend money or time by getting a gym membership if you have a good rowing machine at your home.

The newly launched Rowing Machine from First Degree Fitness introduces you to a world unexplored. The new E-520 Fluid Rower is the highest quality performance rower currently available in the market with the widest range of resistance levels found anywhere, air or fluid rowers. The new E-520 is the only rower of its kind with a true on-the-water feel with 20 levels of patented Variable Fluid Resistance (VFR) becomes a natural catch.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions:  76 x 28 x 33.5 inches
  • Machine Weight:  160.3 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 450 pounds
  • Storage2‘x 2’ space
  • Warranty : 10- year on frame

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The main spark of this E-520 model is it’s patented variable resistance adjustment that allows the user to not only increase the amount of resistance through faster rowing but also by adjusting the resistance to add more or less water for a feather light resistance to a heavy, full throttle Olympic resistance. No other fluid rower can compete with this technology.


The E-520 model made by First Degree Fitness mainly consists these key parts-the Mainframe, Rower Seat, Funnel and Hose, Seat Rail Left, Seat Rail Right, Monitor and Tank. The dimension of the machine is 76 x 28 x 33.5 inches and the weight of the machine is 160.3 pounds.

The Monitor has been Programmed for time (elapsed or goal) and the Tank is made of tough polycarbonate the same material which is used for jet airplane windshields. This particular rowing machine can take weight up to 450 lbs, which is maximum compared to ant other rowing machine.

Easy to Assemble

Once you get the new First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rower you can start the task to put it together. It takes very short time to be assembled, say 30minutes even at the first time. Besides, the instruction manual states clear instruction about how to assemble it.

Patented Variable Fluid Resistance (VFR)

The machine includes 20 levels of fluid resistance ranging from feather light resistance to full Olympic sprint. One can find such benefits in this E-520 model only.

Wonderful Parts

Direct Drive System: This machine has no slack, no slippage, no flat spots, but it provides only continuous resistance from start to finish with a true instant catch unlike most other air rowers currently available in the market. This increases the utility of this rowing machine.

Contoured ergonomic rower handle: This E-520 model has been designed to prevent strain on arms and wrists of the user when one needs to use this machine for more than an hour, as the machine opposes to an unnatural straight across rower handle design. Certainly it provides you with the interest and stamina to stay on it more than an hour, while many of the machine don’t support exercise for so long. This feature makes it more user-friendly and reliable at the same time. This is a trademark feature of this model.

Footboard: The 75”x 28” sized footprints of the machine come with a unique heel support system with an ergonomic heels together design. The one touch central adjustment for foot size feature of the machine will understand how to accommodate when you put your feet on the footholds, which makes it very much usable for different people.

Premium Seat: Thanks to the makers who added the ultra comfort, foam padded seat with the machine which feels like cushions. The Easy on and Easy off feature of the seat helps you to move it without putting any strain to your knees and back. The height of the seat is just like the chair you use in your office.
Dual Anodized Seat Rail: Made from highest quality anodized aluminum for smoothness, appearance, strength and durability, both the right and left Seat Rails are made of same materials for better results.

Built-in transit wheels: While using any rowing machine the user needs to move his arms and legs accordingly and the built in transit wheels allow you the ease of mobility.

Low friction seat rollers: The low friction seat rollers help you to utilize your energy in the right channel. Low Friction also adds more smoothness to it.

Cable: The machine uses world’s strongest fiber with 1,000 kg loading, 5 times stronger than steel and unlike chain driven rowers, no lubrication or maintenance is require for this.

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Storage Facility

The machine can be fold quickly and easily into an ultra compact unit and you can put it under the bed of your bedroom or in a closet. This is very convenient that the machine does not take too much space and will not be a barrier in the path on which you are moving. This very feature makes it more popular among the users. It just takes 2‘x 2’ space to fit itself and you can leave it in anywhere of your room.

Warranty Coverage

The manufacturers provide a 10 year warranty on frame, 3 year warranty on Polycarbonate tank and seat along with a 2 years Mechanical warranty on all other parts. This shows the manufacture is serious about giving consumers product protection and has confidence in their new rower. Even concept2 model D indoor is considered the most durable rowing machine, its manufacture also just provides 5 years on frame, so 10-year is really outstanding.


If you are looking for a perfect workout machine, efficiency and reliability should come with the product and the First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rower is the best rowing machine of all time. With the 20 levels patented variable fluid resistance power, this machine presents the highest quality rowing experience in home.

Matching to the manufacturers claim, the machine provides world’s best interactive performance monitor to track strokes, calorie burning and time of your exercise.

The seat comes as the world’s best seat also. No other rowing machine can offer the flexibility to engage a person of any sex, size, age, fitness level like this machine. You will like most the incredibly smooth action and the great rowing position.


As some users put it, the monitor of the machine is not PC compatible as most of the rowing machines come at this price. Some suggest that the buttons could be a little small. However, truly speaking, there is no such considerable disadvantage or complain about the machine that we can really put here.


Don’t be afraid after going through the disadvantages part of this review, because these are not so much problematic as they seem. Whether you are a new user or a gym rat, the First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rower assembles all the features to satisfy you as you have it in any commercial gym. Besides, sites like is giving you the opportunity to shop the machine online with its free shipping facility and good reliability. So don’t be late and grab the offer immediately.

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