First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR Rower Review

The First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR Adjustable Resistance Fluid Rower is a compact size water resistance rower and is a part of Horizontal Series of rowers by First Degree. However the size is compact as opposed to relatively larger size and even expensive water resistance rowers available in market, this machine offers competitive features and delivers great performance for varied workouts.

It has a robust design that is built with the aim to give you durable long lasting years of regular usage. Moreover it has good warranty so it keeps you worry free for years. This machine can be termed as a perfect smooth rowing machine that gives good workout experience for people of all age group.

Technical Specifications

  • Resistance Type: Water
  • Dimensions:  78 X 21″ X 20 inches
  • Machine Weight: 60 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Storage:  Separated into two parts
  • Warranty : 5- year on frame/ 2-year on parts

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Ease of assembly

This First Degree Water Rower is simple to assemble as we noted reviews from most of the users of this machine. You will find no difficulty in assembly with the clear instructions on the manual supported by pictures. Most parts of the rower can be assembled with the given Allen wrenches which make your work easier.


Throughout the rowing machine review, we will be discussing details on all the parts of this machine and you can be sure that all of these are structured with solid materials and components used. The First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR Adjustable Resistance Fluid Rower is made up of heavy duty steel with seat rail made of anodized aluminum.

The machine however has not been classified for commercial use but the entire structure is robust and parts are of premium quality. The maximum weight capacity of this machine is also reasonable at 300 pounds however it is quite low in comparison to other rowers like WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine with weight capacity up to 1000 pounds. The product dimensions are 78 X 21 X 20 inches and machine itself weighs around 60 pounds.

First Degreebacks this machine with a frame warranty of 5 years, seals and tank warranty of 3 years, parts of 2 years and all wears of 1 year.

Ease of use

The machine is built with the aim of offering absolute comfort. It has padded seat and the seat rails over precise ball bearings that give smooth running. The rower handle is ergonomically designed to reduce strain on wrists.

Moreover heel support system and adjustable foot rests that we will discuss later also offer complete ease. The entire rowing motion goes quite smoothly with this water resistance rower and you will find it closer to reality motion.


With the use of First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge, users can adjust fluid resistance level from minimum to maximum and these resistance levels gives flexibility of workout with turning of a dial. It has a good pulley system that gives you ease of changing resistances while tension and recoil action is retained.

The belt drive system makes no annoying noise and works smoothly over long run. It only makes some relaxing sound of water as you may found with any other water resistance rower. Apart from that it is extremely quiet and gives you a pleasant workout experience.

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The foot rests are made up of nylon that secure your feet quickly and with ease. It can be adjusted to suit all sizes of foot. It also features a heel support system that secures your feet in place whether barefoot or with shoes.

The indestructible polycarbonate water tank, stainless steel blade are all part of a design that wouldn’t need much maintenance. Also the belt drive is quite durable and runs smoothly throughout the workout session.


Apart from all the other advantages of using this rowing machine, another highlight is the multifunction performance monitor that gives you detailed information about your workout data including factors like distance, time, strokes per minute, 500m split time, watts, interval training, calories burnt per hour and heart rate reception (optional).

The performance monitor of the First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge Rower is easy to read and simple to use but has only some basic features and doesn’t include any workout programs.


The design of First Degree Fitness Pacific Challenge can be easily titled and you can store the machine in a standing position with its water tank base at the bottom. You can easily keep it in a corner where it would take only around 21 inches x 20 inches of space.

The rower features dual caster wheels so moving it is also not a difficult task. You can easily transfer it from one place to another in the manner of pushing a shopping cart and it is done simply by picking it from the point apposite to the water tank.


  • Design and structure gives realistic rowing motion.
  • Padded seat with smooth running rail.
  • Ergonomically friendly handle for comfortable gripping during workout.
  • It is simple to assemble by following instructions.
  • Rower can be stored in a compact space in standing storage position.
  • It can be easily moved with dual caster wheels.
  • It offers variable workout resistances.
  • Comfortable foot rests for barefoot rowing too.
  • It features built-in USB interface with which you can compare your performance data.


  • The performance monitor has only basic functions and no programs as opposed to some high-end rowers.
  • Some users have reported seat to be a little uncomfortable. However a cushion or folded towel would work well to make it more comfortable.


The First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR Adjustable Resistance Fluid Rower is known for its solid construction and is suitable for beginners as well as professional experts. You can even use this machine for interval training. It includes adjustable resistance water tank that gives you a versatile workout session. So grab this machine now and enjoy a realistic workout motion with complete comfort.

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