Kettler Coach E Indoor Exercise Rower Review

Being one of the best magnetic rowing machines from the well renowned house of Kettler, the Kettler Coach E Indoor Exercise Rower naturally needs to be far better than its compatriot Kettler Stroker and Multi-Trainer, given the price difference between the two. Such superiority is also imperative because it has to compete with commercial class rowing machines. Now it is true that the Coach E possesses the specifications to match and defeat a majority of even higher priced rowing machines, but does it have the same class when it comes to comfort and ease of assembly/storage? Our detailed review will seek to answer this question through a holistic study of the various parameters of this rowing machine, and how they compare to the benchmarks set in this price bracket.

Technical Specifications

  • Resistance Type: Magnetic (Eddy Current Brake System)
  • Dimensions: 80 x 26 x 20 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 104 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 285 pounds
  • Storage: Foldable
  • Labor: 3 -year parts, 1-year residential labor

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Ease of Assembly

The Kettler Coach E Indoor Exercise Rower is a magnetic rowing machine, which means that there are basically just two parts – the magnetic resistance assembly and the frame with the seat. These can be assembled in a series of four simple steps, which even children could complete in less than half an hour. However, the work is made a bit more complex by the fact that part of the product manual is provided in German in some of the models imported from Europe. Still, it is not a major challenge since the pictures accompanying the text help explain the steps in a simple way.


Magnetic rowing machines have simple designs, and the Kettler Coach E Indoor Exercise Rower is no exception. Indeed, one of the complaints of some users is that the product is rather dull looking. Despite this simplicity, the effort put in by Kettler shows in the ergonomic construction of virtually all parts of the machine, which combine to offer a perfect combination of compactness and utility.

Like all magnetic rowing machines, the product is somewhat heavy to shift, but this helps give stability to the product, such that it is capable of handling fast rowing routines without making creaking noises and/or shifting on the floor. This benefit is further improved by the fact that the product is made almost entirely from chrome plated high carbon steel, which is well known for its ability to withstand extreme levels of pressure for extended periods of time.

Ease of Use

Being ergonomically designed and well lubricated, the parts of the Kettler Coach E Indoor Exercise Rower combine to make regular usage extremely simple and convenient. Few users complained that the seat was a bit low, but this is a personal preference, and should not inhibit the utility of this product for people of all age groups. Coupled with the simple display settings, these make the product one of the simplest to learn and use, even for beginners.

Finally, the seat is made of soft rubber, while the footrests have a pivoting mechanism that allows the feet their natural motion which exercising. Together, they make the product one of the most comfortable to use, even for lengthy periods of intensive workout.

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Operation is as simple as seating yourself on the seat and placing the feet in the pivoting footrests in a way that does not put unnecessary strain on the feet. Once the display is set to your convenience, you can begin using the rowing machine at whichever speed you like. Since this is a magnetic type rowing machine, the resistance rises with the strength with which the handle is pulled, thereby providing greater exercising benefits.

However, given the premium price range of this product, simplicity of operation is not enough, and Kettler realizes this well. For this reason, it has provided the machine with two attachable components which allow the user to try out more specialized training regimes such as seated curls, cross-overs, pushovers and ab training. Indeed, the product offers as many as 16 different positions (beyond rowing), all of which can be customized further. These make the Kettler Coach E Indoor Exercise Rower one of the most versatile rowing machines when it comes to the sheer range of exercise options, and set it ahead of some other costlier alternatives in the market.


Being a magnetic rowing machine, there are very few discrete parts. Justifying its price is a chrome plated steel shaft on which sits a perfectly balanced seat. Connecting the seat and the shaft are sealed ball bearings which allow for frictionless motion of the seat under all circumstances. The same sealing also ensures that there is minimal need of oiling the ball bearings.

The magnetic assembly contains two conveniently placed footrests, which (as we noted above) have pivoting functions. Further, the product uses the “eddy current” system for producing resistance that varies directly with the effort put in by the user. In case of the Kettler Coach E Indoor Exercise Rower, the resistance ranges from 25 to 500 watts, this means that this product can be used by children, athletes and elderly with equal ease.

An important point to consider when buying a rowing machine is the elasticity of the cord and the quality of the handle. Thankfully, Kettler understands this necessity well, and for this reason, has provided a high quality breakage resistant cord and an ergonomically designed handle with rubber coating for additional convenience and comfort.

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Kettler Coach E Indoor ReviewKettler being a German company, it has partnered with fellow German electronics company Siemens to produce the display systems for the Kettler Coach E Indoor Exercise Rower. Thus we get the very best of Siemens’ bright and crystal clear LCD display technology, which ensures that regardless of the how far you are from the screen, you will be able to make out the numbers without difficulty.

Coupled with visual clarity is the good size of the display and the decent spacing of the various parameters shown on it. Together, they ensure that you can view most vital statistics at a glance without straining your eyes. Below the display itself are three large buttons, which allow the user to set the display parameters, and also cycle between the 12 preset programs. These programs are designed keeping your heart rate in mind, so you can be certain that you are undergoing the exercise regime best suited to your body’s needs.

Like all high quality rowing machines, the Kettler Coach E Indoor Exercise Rower uses a T34 Polar heart belt for measuring your heart rate, thus ensuring both accuracy and comfort. Finally, the product software can introduce variations in the training routine so as to avoid boredom. However, some of the competitors of Kettler (Concept 2 for instance) offer displays which can be attached to computers for online racing and detailed analysis, and it would be good if Kettler would add this feature to its premium rowers, including the Kettler Coach E Indoor Exercise Rower.


The metal shaft with the seat can be unlocked from its position after use. Once unlocked, it can be raised into a vertical position and stored against a wall. The magnetic part has small wheels underneath it, which can be used to move the product across small distances for purposes of storage.


  • High quality carbon steel frame
  • Pivoting mechanism for natural movement of the feet
  • Sealed ball bearings under seat for smooth movement
  • Cushioned seat and ergonomically designed handle for ease of use
  • 16 exercise positions (aside from rowing) with two additional components
  • Large range of resistance for use by various age groups
  • Large and vivid Siemens monitor
  • 12 preset programs based on heart rate mapping
  • T34 Polar belt for accurate heart rate measurement
  • 4 step simple assembly and easy storage


  • Seat is slightly lower compared to other rowers
  • Extremely simplistic looks may not be liked by some
  • Manual in German only in some cases
  • No provision for computer analysis and/or online racing


Given the high levels of quality and functionality expected of the best rowing machines, it is natural that the Kettler Coach E Indoor Exercise Rower will carry a lot of expectations. Thankfully, Kettler has used its experience to figure out and provide features that are useful to a wide range of people. Indeed, there are few rowing machines available which offer such a range of resistance, exercise positions and preset programs. At the same time, Kettler has kept the machine simple to assemble, learn and use, while ensuring that the build quality is of the high standards that we have come to expect of it.

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