Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine Review

The Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine is the second piston type resistance rowing machine that has made it to our top list. Coming from reputed fitness equipment maker Kettler, this rowing machine combines the benefits of a light and portable frame with the strength and durability one expects from Kettler. However, it would be wise to go through the following review in detail so you know exactly what you’re going for when purchasing the Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine.

Technical Specifications

  • Resistance Type: Hydraulic Piston
  • Dimensions:  49 x 31 x 10 inches
  • Machine Weight:  50 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 285 pounds
  • Storage:  Handles fold down (can slide under bed)
  • Warranty : Life time on frame

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Ease of Assembly

The  Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine’s few parts are quite simple to figure out. However, the user manual is written rather poorly, and can be difficult to understand, especially when reading in non-European languages. Even then, the assembly was not reported to be difficult by most users. However one does need to be careful, as many of the bolts which are used are not meant to be reversed, and errors can lead to permanent damage to the machine. Finally, the screwdriver of appropriate bore needs to be kept handy, as it is not included with the machine.


The build quality of this machine is excellent. It was designed in Germany, which is well known for its technological innovation. Indeed, the manufacturer is so confident of its build quality that it offers lifetime warranty against breakage, which is something almost no other company offers. Regarding the build itself, the frame is made of high carbon steel which is powder coated on the exterior to make it even tougher. The handles and hydraulic pistons are equally well-built according to a majority of customers. The only plastic part is, in fact, the decorative support at the end of the machine, which actually has a very little part to play in the workout.

Further, the wheels which run along the rail to move the seat, have sealed bearings which ensure that they don’t get clogged with dust. It also means that apart from wiping the rail with a damp cloth and cleaning the seat, there is little to do in terms of maintenance.

Ease of Use

An interesting feature of the Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine is that it offers two arms/oars, which can be moved independently, allowing one to mix and match the movement as one likes. Further, each arm has piston resistance which can be modified by fifty degrees each. This means that simply by raising or lowering the piston on the arm, one can get a huge number of resistance levels, and thereby fine tune the resistance to an extent which is not possible on any other machine. Indeed, from adolescents to aged people, the machine could be used smoothly by all thanks to this highly customizable resistance.


The usage itself is very smooth, thanks to the excellent German engineering which has gone into the making of the resistance mechanism. Other parts, such as the handle, the seat movement mechanism and the footrests work well.

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The seat is heavily padded and contoured to provide maximum comfort. The handles come with a thick rubber grip which allows you to hold onto them for long periods without developing blisterss.

An interesting feature is the pivoting footrests, which allow the feet their natural motion, adding to the comfort level of the machine. Finally, the rear of the Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine is slightly raised which translates into better comfort level during the workout regime.


Kettler FavoritThe LCD display panel of the  Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine is located between the footrests, allowing one to look down towards it when rowing. The display is divided into a major section which shows the room temperature before the workout and after, and toggles through a number of useful details, like distance covered, strokes count, etc. during the workout.

However, the display unit is far more sophisticated than the average piston rowing machine, with a port for the (included) ear clip which measures the pulse rate during workout. Also, one can use a heart belt with this machine. The machine has a number of pre- programmed workout routines, and offers one based upon your age. Further, when you complete a goal, the machine provides both audible and visual confirmation, which is convenient if you don’t like keeping your eyes on the display at all times.

Storage & Mobility

Like most piston rowing machines, the  Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine can have its arms folded over the main body, and then  tucked away easily. The weight of the machine is 50 pounds, so even though there are wheels below it for rolling it away, it is equally convenient to just pick it up and stash it away.

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  • Great build quality with lifetime warranty on the frame.
  • Motion is smooth and workout is highly comfortable thanks to padded seat and covered handles.
  • 50 different resistances on each arm ensure high customizability of the workout.
  • Highly sophisticated display ensures that one gets all the important information in one place.


  • Slightly costlier than average piston rowing machine
  • No backlight on LCD display

Who is the Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine best for?

The machine is built to handle about 285 pounds, which is higher than the average piston resistance rowing machine. The height spectrum of users for this machine is slightly less, ranging from 5’0 to 6’0 inches, though shorter users, including pre-teen children, had no issues using it. However, taller users are advised to study the machine carefully before going in for it.


Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine, unlike others piston resistance rowing machines, is far more sophisticated and comfortable. Coupled with its superior German engineering and build quality, these fully justify the higher price that this machine demands. As such, it can be considered as a good option if you’re seeking the best among piston resistance rowing machines and are willing to pay a higher price for it.

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