Key features of the best rowing machine

Having a rowing machine at your home not only gives you ease and flexibility of working out at your own convenience but gives you complete privacy and saves your monthly expense for gym. Workout with rowing machines offer varied health benefits and there could be nothing better than having this workout routine indoor on a daily basis. You will surely be able to witness quick results with an affordable machine provided you follow a sensible diet plan too. Rowing machines are a complete body workout and if you follow a regular routine you will find impressive results on your body. If you are new to buying exercising machine, you must go through main features of best rowing machines in order to purchase one that has it all that you need.

Before you begin to choose a particular brand or model of rowing machine, you need to consider all these factors and thus drive your search accordingly in order to find a rower best suitable for your fitness level. Having an idea of what features a best rowing machine can offer, you will be able to make a wiser decision.
Key features

Key Features of the best rowing machine

1. Rowing Machines are Folding or Fixed Type:

Folding machines come in two different types including fixed and folding machine. If you have less space in your house or at a place where you want to keep your rowing machine, you should consider folding type as fixed machines occupy more space. However in terms of durability,fixed machines are termed to be stronger but for residential use, folding machines also work well for years.

Three Main Types of Rowers!

  1. Machines with fixed foot stretcher and flywheel and sliding seat.
  2. Machines with moveable foot stretcher and seat that moves through a sliding rail.
  3. Machines with fixed seat and foot pedals sliding.

You can test and choose one that you find most comfortable for workout.

2. Different Sizes of Rowing Machines:

Similar consideration should be made in order to make a decision on what size would be perfect for your space. If space is not an issue than size may not be a factor affecting your buying decision and you should focus more on other features that a best rower should have. However if you would have to store your rower after use every time, you must go for a model that has compact or foldable structure. In such case a simple piston resistance rowing machine would be best suitable as it could be folded and stored away in a closet.

3. Expensive Machines are not always a Wise Decision for Everyone:

A good purchase decision would be one where you save money with an affordable model having all the nice features of a high-end model. Some of the expensive rowing machines have many features that you may not be using at your level of fitness so do consider that. Keep a budget in mind. You can find rowing machines at anaffordable price as low as $200 and there are also models that cost you more than a $1000.

4. Resistance Type Varies:

Rowing machines basically can have 4 different types of resistances and you need to select one. Each of these types including piston, air, water and magnetic have different features and advantages.

  • Piston Resistance: Compact in size but you find adjustment of resistance quite harder.
  • Air Resistance: Resistance is adjusted naturally with pull of handles but these machines make a lot of noise.
  • Water Resistance: Attractive choice because of natural feel but are too large machines and not suitable for compact spaces.
  • Magnetic Resistance: Most quiet machines but are comparatively less portable.

All these and many other features each of these types offer and you thus need to consider what suits your requirements best.

5. Noise is an Important Feature:

Rowing machines are used for total body workout and relaxation and thus noise becomes one of the most important factors to consider. Noise makes a lot of difference as a machine making lot of noise may distract you and may demotivate you for workout. Machines that make loud noises cannot be termed as best rowers especially when you have other people in your surrounding who may get disturbed with loud machine.

6. Effectiveness of Workout:

A best rowing machine is one that offers most effective workout. It is important to check how you would get the effectiveness of rowing machine workout. You should consider reviews of those who have used these machines as you cannot make out effectiveness of a machine before purchase. Consider a machine that has many positive reviews over the one that is termed ineffective by many users.

7. Check Weight Capacity:

A weight capacity of 300 pounds is offered with various compact size rowers and this may not be sufficient for some people. Some of the high-end rowers offer large weight capacity and considering this factor completely depends upon what an individual needs. However if you opt for a cheap machine with too low weight capacity, you can end up damaging machine and getting yourself injured. So make sure to get a higher capacity rower.

8. LCD Clear Display:

Many of the good rowing machines have digital LCD display that reads out all the useful information for users such as total distance covered, stroke rate, calories burnt, speed, time, heart rate and more. LCD displays include console controls so you can easily adjust display and select different programs and settings. Such displays with front mounted controls are easier to use and thus must be preferred.

9. Variety of Programs:

Workout becomes more interesting when you have plenty of choices in the form of programs to choose from. Some of the best rowing machines include planned programs that are based on time, distance, stroke rate and more. With variety of programs and varied resistances, you can add variety to your daily workout.

10. Warranty:

Most of the good quality rower machines are offered with a minimum warranty period of 2 years. It is important to buy a rower with warranty as these are not a cheap few dollars’ appliances but you would be investing good amount of money. Moreover maintenance of these machines can be an issue and with warranty you can easily get in touch with manufacturer of rowers.


An ideal rowing machine would be one that offers you a comfortable workout with all the additional features to make workout more flexible while preventing from injury. It is best to have a machine with adjustable distances for bars, seats and more. Before opting for any machine, just make sure that you can work out on it while being in a comfortable position.