ProForm 440R Rower Review

These days, finding an exercise machine that allows you to do more than one type of training or workout can be quite a challenge. But if you do, you can almost expect the dollar signs to start flashing dangerously, since they are so expensive. Finding a huge discount rowing machine that fits your budget has become synonymous with “settling for an exercise or fitness machine that you won’t be satisfied with”. That is about to change, however, with the introduction of “multi-tasking” machines, such as the Kettler Stroker Rower and Multi Trainer. For those who are on a tight budget, however, there is another option:  the ProForm 440R Rowing Machine, which is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels, since it effectively combines an aerobic workout and strength training in one machine.

Technical Specifications

  • Resistance Type: Air resistance
  • Dimensions: 77 x 20.5 x 38 inches (LxWxH)
  • Machine Weight: 68 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Storage:  Fold-up
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty on frame, 90-day warranty on parts and labor

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Ease of assembly

Putting the ProForm 440R Rower together takes only once; you only have to tuck it away for storage when not in use. Along with the various individual parts to be assembled, buyers will also get instructions on how to put it together. Often, assembly requires two persons. When assembled, the 440R Rower measures only 77 inches (L) x 20.5 inches (W) x 38 inches (H).


The first thing you’ll notice with the ProForm 440R Rower is the oversized seat rail, which is made of aluminum. In fact, this rowing machine is built with lightweight and ultra-durable material, keeping its weight to only 68 lbs. It is also the perfect size for home use, whether folded away or laid out completely when in use.

Ease of use

This rowing machine from ProForm boasts an ergonomic design that is specifically made for ease of use and maximum comfort for users. The ergonomic molded seat has enough cushioning to let you work out in comfort, and since it is adjustable, you can easily find the perfect fit for you.

It also features a soft touch non-slip handle with an ergonomic design, complete with additional padding, to ensure you remain comfortable throughout your workout while keeping fatigue and injuries at bay.

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The use of an inertia-enhanced flywheel guarantees a smooth and steady pedal strike, like what you’d experience with a well-oiled bike. People who want to have the best rowing machine will immediately zero in on the resistance levels it offers. With 8 air resistance levels to choose from, ranging from light to heavy, the ProForm 440R Rower allows you to push yourself harder and faster during your workouts. You can easily adjust the resistance depending on the level of workout that you are looking for, or the results that you wish to accomplish. You can choose to use the rower to engage your whole body for a total body workout, or utilize the low pulley station for your expanded strength training.


We have already made mention of the high performance inertia-enhanced flywheel as well as the oversized aluminum seat rail. Users will also like how this rowing machine comes with a pivoting pedal, which firmly keeps their feet in place throughout the workout. Since these footrests come with adjustable straps, stability while on the machine is also guaranteed.


The large LCD monitor of the 440R Rower lets you track your progress easily. With just one glance, you can immediately read how many strokes per minute you’ve made, the total strokes you’ve done, the distance and time, as well as the calories you were able to turn during each training session. The display also includes a Scan mode for easier navigation and operation.


This huge discount rowing machine’s SpaceSaver design allows it to simply be folded up for storage in a single step. It takes only seconds to fold it up and store it away. Since it comes with front mounted transport wheels, moving it out of the way is quick and takes no effort at all.


With other rowing machines – or exercise machines, for that matter – you’d have to squint or lean closer to the display in order to monitor or measure your training progress. That is not the case with the 440R Rower, thanks to its large LCD display. The flywheel is also noticeably smaller than that of other models, which is cause for hesitation for potential buyers who know that the size and weight of the flywheel is generally directly proportional to the smoothness of the rowing machine. Surprisingly, the ProForm 440R Rower, despite its small-size flywheel, offers up a smooth and quiet rowing motion, making it the best rowing machine in terms of performance and operation within its price range. Among the many so-called budget rowing and exercise machines out there, this unit certainly offers the best value for your money.


There were some complaints with the handle of this rower. While they like its ergonomic, no-slip design, they still find it too slim, especially those with larger hands. As a result, they will have a harder time gripping it than other people with smaller hands. Those who have larger bulk will also find the seat to be a little small, although they don’t argue how comfortable it is. Another complaint has something to do with its assembly. It can be quite complicated for some, especially those who are not really experienced with putting things together. It would have been better if some of the parts have already been preassembled. However, once assembled, the build is solid and stable.


Achieving total fitness has never been this fun and easy, thanks to the integrated dual action strength training! The ProForm 440R Rower is certainly the best rowing machine for people who are looking for an exercise machine for their cardio and strength training. With so many health benefits, you can say that the 440R is the only machine you will need to attain total fitness.

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