Rowing Machine Elevates your Heart Health

Rowing machine is an excellent way of improving overall health by focusing on a group of muscles throughout your body. Not only rowing will strengthen your muscles but varied alterations with this technique would improve your heart rate. When rowing is performed with consistency it will enhance your cardiovascular fitness. Rowers can alter their workouts by improving on their distance traveled, calories burnt and even by varying lengths of workout. You will witness an enhanced heart rate and you will be sweating during this workout, thus these are signs that you are working in the right direction towards the goal of improving your cardiovascular health.
Rowing Machine Elevates your Heart Health

Rowing Machines offer Combined Benefits:

Rowing machines are designed to give you a workout simulated with boat rowing in water. This form of exercising is now quite common all around the globe in fitness clubs and gyms. This low impact exercising form is a complete body workout which doesn’t only work for fitness professionals or sports persons but also work well for fitness of people working in other fields. The benefits that rowing machine gives in terms of lifting up cardiovascular health makes it an attractive choice for people other than athletes and fitness experts.

Rowing Machine and Heart Health?

A rowing machine can be used in different ways to improve cardiovascular health. It can serve a variety of purposes related to heart health by reaching various levels of heart rate. These benefits include:

  • Reaching a heart rate for burning calories and reducing weight.
  • Increasing your cardiovascular and muscular strength.
  • Preparing yourself for a high intensity sport or for entering a competition.
  • Helps you in reaching your goals for fitness through workout.

Proper Technique for Gaining Benefits:

No matter why you are opting for a rowing machine for improvement of heart health, one of the most important aspect is to follow right technique. If you really want rowing to improve your heart functioning, begin with a proper technique. Some tips include:

  • Back should be straight with your chest lifted.
  • You should have your head straight in the direction of your rower.
  • Push footrests and legs should drive back.
  • Knees should be straight and as you pull handle to your chest; have elbows point back (position should be tucked in).
  • As you reach the finish line, knees should be maintained with least pressure.
  • On your way to return, keep breathing well.

All these steps would aid in enhancing your heart health during the rowing workout.

Varied Rowing Techniques for Heart Health:

  • Set Distances: One method for going ahead with a workout regime focused for your heart health is to set particular distances that you need to cover in order to achieve your goals. You can check your timing and distance covered and can then gradually increase according to your goals. You can develop your strength and speed with rowing by setting distances such as 500 meters, 1000 meters and so on.
  • Set Intensity: Cardiovascular health can be improved by targeting varied heart rates during workout. Workout at different heart rates would give you different benefits. You would need to calculate your maximum heart rate in order to determine a targeted heart rate that would depend upon your age and other factors.

Calculating MHR:

A simple method of calculating MHR of any person would be:

  • MHR = 220 – Person’s age

For example if your age is 30 years:

  • MHR = 220 – 30
  • MHR = 190

Beginning Rowing for Heart Health:

In order to get started with a rowing workout for heart health, you would need to first enter the zone of warm-up. For warming up your body and preparing it for high intensity workout, you would begin with a low intensity exercise at 50 to 60% MHR. Have your rowing machine set at the lowest level of resistance and then gradually increase the speed of exercising to enhance your heart rate. Moving like this at a steady speed would enable you to reach to your THR gradually and smoothly without causing any injury to your body and health.

Burning Calories and Heart Health:

If you are focused on losing weight and would like to burn more calories along with improving your heart health, you should exercise at a low resistance setting at 60 to 70% MHR. Soon you will begin to pick up the speed and will be able to increase the level of resistance. Most of the calories that you will be burning while working at this level of heart rate for about 20 to 30 minutes would be excessive fat that your body is carrying.

Building Muscles and Heart Health:

Those who want to build muscles along with enhancing heart health, you should increase the level of resistance while working at 70 to 80% MHR. You pace of workout however should be slower for building muscles.

High Intensity Workout and Heart Health:

A level of workout over rowing machine that reaches a level 80 to 90% MHR would be burning more calories than other ways and pace of exercising that we discussed. However you should not be doing these high intensity workouts for extended durations and should take frequent breaks or it could create problems and result in injuries and pains. A 30 seconds high intensity workout should be followed by a rest of double the time in order to get your body prepared for the next round.

Reaching your MHR:

With some hyper extensive training regimes, you may reach a level really close to your MHR at about 90 to 100% MHR however this type of exercise should only be done by experts in the field. Usually athletes and other sports persons preparing themselves for tough competitions would be focused on this type of exercising. However before you actually begin working out at this pace, you should consult your doctor.


The term workout and exercising is diverse and a combination of different machines can be used for maintaining a fit and healthy heart. Rowing machine however is one of the best options if you really want to elevate your heart health along with working on other fitness goals that you might have. Before beginning any form of workout, it is recommended that you should make sure that it is completely safe for your health condition and age. We suggest you to talk to your physician and get help from a professional trainer before attempting any exercising regime.