Simple tips to gain muscle quickly

While introducing the means for burning fat quickly, we mentioned that the steps for those looking to build muscle were different, and it is on this aspect that we shall focus today. If weight loss seems all about putting in extra hours at the gym, common perception regarding body building revolves around dietary supplements that are both costly and have hormonal side effects. The good news is that most of the simple ways to gain muscle quickly do not involve use of much dubious ingredients, and what’s more, can be carried out without giving up your favourite choco sundaes or Sunday rest.
Guide to gain muscle

Workout Related Ways

1. Intensive Workout is the Key:

Whether it is a maintenance and tips guide for a rowing machine or a repair guide for an elliptical, one common feature is that they warn against running the machine relentlessly for long periods of time. While the workout will have to be more extensive than that needed for burning fat, it does not require you to remain stuck to the machine for the better part of the day. Instead, carry out intensive workouts at high intensity levels for about 1 hour at a stretch. If you exceed this amount, excess muscle fatigue will develop, causing you to truncate the time you’d normally put into weights.

2. More Weights, Lesser Sets Per Muscle Group:

Choose your weights carefully such that you are working out with the maximum weight you’re comfortable with. Using these weights, carry out at most 20 workout “sets”. Ideally you should go for 12 sets, but given that some fat also needs to be burnt initially to expose the muscle core to workout benefits, the simple ways to gain muscle quickly would include doing the maximum number of sets initially.

Furthermore, you should ensure that each set is carried out using the same amount of intensity, and each should occur within a fixed time. For most men, the average set should take no more than 40 to 70 seconds. All in all, the workout, whether it is carried out by an amateur or a professional, should not last more than 45 minutes to an hour, and should have no breaks in between, as this would disrupt the rhythm of the muscles.

3. Stretch Workouts:

Contrary to what the magazine adverts suggest, one of the simple ways to gain muscle quickly is to carry out light aerobics and stretching workouts. These are necessarily different from the general run of cardio workouts, and must never be as intense as the latter. The reason for this distinction is that if you’re looking to gain muscle, you will have to carry out these workouts in between proper workout sessions.

If you followed our advice regarding which rowing machine to buy, you would know that many rowing machines allow for stretch and other types of workouts using parts of the rowing machine itself. If on the other hand, you don’t have a rowing machine available for such work, you can carry out simple stretching or yoga exercises for 15-20 minutes a day to keep the muscles in “active” mode.

Food Related Tips

1. Eat A Lot:

If you’re a foodie and would like an Herculean physique, your best bet is to indulge yourself to the limit. This is because research has shown that the average individual who wishes to build additional musculature in a short span of time needs to consume 500 calories more than what he/she is normally consuming. Further, he/she should be eating about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Of course, as with any food regimen, there are some do’s and some strict no-nos. Firstly, avoid foods with high starch content, because these tend to require more oxygen, and working out while the body is digesting starch will reduce oxygen flow to the muscles, thereby reducing the benefits of workout and tiring muscles quickly. Further, avoid excessively heavy foods like red meat, which can cause drowsiness and thus reduce the efficacy of the workout.

On the plus side, you can indulge yourself in any foods that have a large amount of protein. If coupled with “good” fats, these can prove to be the ideal diet. The best source for these is non-red meats and fishes, but if you’re vegetarian, you might want to try having protein shakes and pulses (and if possible) whole milk.

2. Eat Frequently:

One of the strict no-nos for losing weight quickly, eating frequently is actually a boon for those looking to gain muscle. The caveat here is that the body must have lost the majority of excess fat prior to this being followed, so aim for frequent eating only when you are well down the road. If you are though, you can easily gobble down 4-5 small meals in between the larger three that you normally consume.

Change Your Life A Little For Major Benefits

No matter what routine you’re following, it is vital that you provide your body adequate amount of rest. Work out no more than 4 times a week, and if possible, keep two of these workout days within the weekend. On days when you hit the gym, make sure to hit the sack early to get at least 8 hours of sound sleep. On other days you may want to let loose a little but make sure this slack-cutting is made up for promptly.

Lastly, ensure that levels of stress are kept to a minimum. The reason for this is that stress causes the hormone cortisol to spike. Cortisol causes the body to put excess strain on the muscles and avoid burning fat. This is the opposite of the ideal situation when working out to build muscles quickly.


We could have included a range of workout techniques, but they are so varied that it would take an eternity to list them all out. Regardless of the workout regime you select, make sure to buy the right workout instruments via the ultimate comparison chart for rowing machines or any other indoor fitness equipment, since maximum and consistent benefits from the machine is a prerequisite to following the simple ways to gain muscle quickly that we’ve outlined here. If you have the right machine and can follow this guide consistently for weeks, you should be able to develop a muscled body in a short span of time regardless of the physique you are starting out with.