Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rowing Machine Review

So far as rowing machines are concern, there are various kinds of rowing machine from which you have to pick and choose the best one which suits you most. This review is telling you about one of the best rowing machines, named the Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rowing Machine, which provides you with some best features as in a four axis of rotation with the most functionally advanced cable bars, compared to any other rowing machine available in the market. Like any other rowing machine, with the new Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air you can do cardiovascular exercise with pull down, push down and so on. And it allows you to do alternative cardio vascular exercises as well which helps you have a healthy heart.

Technical Specifications

  • Resistance Type: Air
  • Dimensions:  78 x 31.5 x 19.75 inches
  • Machine Weight:  73 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 250pounds
  • Storage:  Separated into two parts
  • Warranty : 3 year on frame

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If you are looking for a slick, slim and well designed rowing machine for your home gym, you must consider first the new Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rowing Machine. The machine is from the house of Air resistance rowing machines with a Blue colored fan and a 1 resistance level. The chief sturdy frame is constructed of stainless steel. The pins and the main bar of the machine are also made of stainless steel. The machine is finished with high quality die cast aluminum touch which gives it a glossy look. The monitor is made of plastic and the footrests are made of nylon with 2 pieces of small metal placed under them.

The length of the machine is 78 inches. The machine is 19.75 inches wide and the height of the machine is 31.5 inches. With the weight taking capacity of 250 pounds, the weight of the machine itself is 73 pounds. The machine has a 9 inches braided nylon rowing cord which helps you to do the pullback and pushback exercises. The machine requires AA batteries which are not provided with the machine.

Features of the rowing machine

The new Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air is coming from the house of stamina products. With a reliable name this company is serving people for more than 70 years with different types of high quality rowing machine for different people at very reasonable price. Put simply, the rowing machine also has different adjustable levels of resistance and parts which never disappoint you. Moreover, the machine comes with a 3 years warranty on frame from the manufacturers. So you can use it without any tension of breaking or any damage.

Easy to assemble

The main thing of a rowing machine is its compatibility with limited workspace and easy to assemble. Because most of the rowing machine are not assembled while delivered. Besides you have to put it together every day before exercise if you do not have a specific working place at your home. Here an instruction manual comes with the new Stamina 35-1405 Air which helps you to assemble the machine in 35-40 minutes. The machine is also included a tool kit with manufacturer’s warranty to assemble the machine easily.


The parts of the machine are made with an aim to provide you the best service. First here comes an electronic monitor with a LED backlit screen on which you can see time, speed, calories burnt, number of strokes and stroke per minute. The monitor displays large numbers which is quite helpful while you are exercising. That means you can stop exercise whenever you have burned sufficient calories.

On the other hand, the Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air has an oversize chrome seat rail and a metal pull chain for extra durability. The foam padded molded seat is quite comfortable and you can easily adjust it to move backward and for sliding activities as well through the ball bearing rollers and seat rail. It has a built in caster nylon cord which is easy to grip and is very convenient for wrist movements. The nylon foot rests are very large to adjust with different sizes. You do not have to give much strength to move the machine, because there are 4 wheels beneath the machine which makes it easily portable.

Storage Facility

The new foldable model of Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air is exclusively designed for using both in home and offices. You can fold it easily with its convenient built in casters and the big front wheel can be folded back as well over the rail when you are not using the machine and stand it against the wall with the 4 wheels.

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The operation of the Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air is much easier than any other rowing machines. Place the parts together as instructed in the manual and just seat on the padded seat, place your feet on the footrests, and the machine starts with a single stroke. See how the fan is rowing and making you cool. If you want more resistance, just row faster.


The machine gives multi function electronic cable performance with smooth strokes and air resistance technology.  The durability of the machine is awesome. The new Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air is the only rowing machine which allows you to rotate your wrists whenever you are exercising. You can use this rowing machine for a low impact workout to strengthen all muscle groups of the arms, legs and stomach areas and to increase your stamina as well.

Besides, the most interesting part of the rowing machine is the fan which is designed to provide not only wind resistance power, but also it gives a cool fresh breeze throughout the whole exercise session. This will dry your sweat and you must increase the time of exercise. The safeguard to protect your floor is added with the machine and it prevents skidding also. Moreover, the machine runs in battery power and saves your electricity consumption.


As some users put it, the machine is little bit noisy and sometimes takes 2 or 3 strokes to get started. If you put more pressure on the machine or take more strokes at starting, the foot stands or the pulling chain can be slipped out of their place. Some people also say that the foot places are not so comfortable because there is a high chance of breaking. However, the overall impact of the machine is quite good.

For whom the rowing machine is best

Whether you are a new user or an experienced body builder, use the machine without any tension. The machine adjusts with different heights sizes and weights of people.


You can now achieve perfect shape from the unique exercise movements with the new Stamina 35-1405 ATS at your home. To stay free from the hazards of the impingements and discomforts of any other rowing machine, just bring the new Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rowing Machine to home and stay fit for the rest of your life.

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