The everywoman guide to losing belly fat

Popular media tends to depict the belly as the region which is toned fastest and most noticeably. However, belly fat, when encountered in a hardened form existent for many years previous to when it is sought to be removed, can be a tricky adversary. Not only is it hard to melt, but constantly seeks to add new layers of fat to itself, thus taking you farther away from the flat abs you desire. Interestingly, even this tough customer can be tamed if some useful habits daily to lose belly fat are followed over a sufficiently long period of time. To help you get in shape in the shortest time, we have compiled a list of such tips for you.
Losing belly fat

Food related tips

Consume Lots of Olive Oil

It is a sad fact that many women who are going through the rowing machine ultimate comparison chart or a similar tool for another fitness product, have never been told about incremental dietary tips that they could use to complement their upcoming workout. Consuming olive oil counts among such useful tips to lose belly fatbecause it triggers the production of a hormone in the stomach.

This hormone is geared to let your brain know that the stomach is nearly full, and therefore to cease from consuming a lot more food. This allows the brain to divert the natural desire to eat and eat more towards more constructive ends. Of course, someone with nutritional or dietary issues must never try this tip out, but for ordinary people who sub-consciously indulge in their culinary likes and dislikes, this full-stomach indicator could well be a simple means of cutting down on the consumption of excess calories.

Water is the key

Water regulates the density of blood, the flow of hormones and the dissolution of nutrients in and out of the blood. As such, water, along with oxygen, is a vital ingredient in ensuring that the fats requisitioned by the body for breaking down into energy during workout are adequately transferred. Without adequate transfer, as we warned in our guide to losing fat quickly, the muscle protein is instead used up, leading to the muscles becoming fatigued easily.

Further, toxins in the body, which need to be flushed out at the earliest, can be easily removed if water levels in the body are sufficient. If toxins are easily removed, the body finds it easier to work on whatever task it has been set – losing belly fat quickly in this case.

Thus, it is important to consume at least 8 glasses of water daily, with at least one glass taken before and after each workout.

Tea is a medicine

Tea contains compounds called catechins that promote the rapid reduction of belly fat, when consumed in tandem with a good workout regime. Indeed, a study carried out a few years ago suggested that the average human being requires about 625mg of catechins per day to keep losing significant amounts of fat regularly. 625mg equates to about 6-8 cups of tea a day, and these should be consumed at regular intervals throughout the day.

Workout Related Tips

Aerobics/Running is a must

If you’re seeking useful habits daily to lose belly fat for your workout regime, you should know that Duke University has carried out research that proves that about 12 miles worth of running/jogging per week can break down belly fat rapidly. Quite regrettably, the image of toned and rippling abs has many women trying out more resistance training routines than aerobics or running routines. Resistance training no doubt helps cut down on the body’s overall fat, but if it’s belly fat that you’re hounding, aerobics beats resistance training hands down.

Yoga is not aerobics, and it needs to be done separately

One of the mistakes many women make is to mix up yoga with aerobics. The concepts underlying them are different, as are the results. The good news is that yoga, when carried out along with aerobics, has been found to reduce visceral (belly) fat in post-menopausal women over a 16 week period. Ideally then, you can intersperse light yoga and aerobics on alternate days (as long as at least one of them is carried out everyday), with greater stress being laid on yoga if you’re older/have physical problems as yoga has been shown to be less disposed to causing injuries.

Improve the way you live

Sleep well, but don’t oversleep

Fitness enthusiasts who have gone through our rowing machine buying guide and other articles would know that workouts are only as effective as the body’s capacity to carry them out, and critical to such capacity is its regeneration on a daily basis. Such regeneration ensures that the body can burn the calories it wants to without succumbing to fatigue. The ideal amount of sleep for adult women should be between 6-9 hours per day.

Equally importantly however, the sleep needs to be uniform and should occur in the same time zone everyday. Doing so allows the body to follow a proper diurnal rhythm, and thus allows it to give 100% effort when it comes to burning belly fat during the workouts. A corollary of this rule, which was proved by a Brigham Young University research, makes it mandatory that you neither oversleep on weekends nor stay up late during the week, as these can wreck your body’s internal rhythm and cause fatigue-inducing hormones like cortisol to rise rapidly in the body.

Always stay on the move

Among the least noticed yet easiest useful habits daily to lose belly fat deals with staying active and mobile all the time. This does not mean rushing about, as such stress-fuelled movement will only beget more stress and tiredness. Instead, studies have found that people who take short breaks from work on a daily basis to stretch their legs, carry out some simple aerobics and take a walk around the workplace, are much more likely to reap the benefits of a workout. Indeed, such simple mobility can act as a stop-gap alternative to regular workout should you be in the process of shifting from one place to another, or be consulting maintenance and tips for rowing machines or other equipment which is in less than stellar condition.


As the above list of useful habits daily to lose belly fat suggests, the greater part of the game lies in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with good workout-relaxation balance, rather than in excessive amounts of exercise. Granted that the amounts of exercise (and capacity for it) will vary depending on one’s conditions, metabolic rate and age, but whatever exercise is carried out can only be effective if coupled with the food and lifestyle tips. Indeed, it would be safe to claim that if followed daily over a long period of time, these tips will, in addition to improving the efficacy of workout and reducing belly fat, ensure that you graduate to a much healthier life as well.