Tips for burning more fat

It is generally believed by a majority of workout enthusiasts that a diet and a workout session a day would give them an Adonis or Athena-like figure. Granted that more exercise provides greater dividends up to a level, but there are limits to which even the best rowing machines, elliptical trainers or any other fitness equipment and/or methods can catalyze your weight loss progression. Instead of working yourself to exhaustion, lifestyle experts and fitness therapists suggest that the tips for burning more fatinvolve not only your workout, but your entire lifestyle. To save you the trouble of cutting through medical jargon, we’ve compiled a list of tips that can bring you closer to your dream figure a lot faster.
Tips for burning more fat

Workout Centric Tips

Short Is Sweet when it comes to workouts

Every gym and fitness Centre has a few people who workout for long hours and develop massive muscles, becoming the envy of the town. While long workouts are great for muscle training, they are much less effective when the body has excessive fat deposits. This is because the body has strict limits when it comes to the amount of energy it can mobilize from fat deposits at any given point of time. Beyond this amount, the energy is mobilized from muscle protein. Those who specifically build muscles tend to take special health supplements that enhance the amount of protein the muscles can release, and this helps train muscles.

However, where fat burning is the priority,it is better to workout in short bursts that mobilize the total potential of the body to burn fat, with sufficient relaxation being provided in between the workout sessions. In terms of cardio workouts, these short bursts may translate into planking ie maintaining a push-up like position for a given amount of time, for 30-40 seconds twice in a 3 minute session. If fitness machines be your forte and you know how to use a rowing machine or modulate a treadmill according to the body’s needs, you can try out a medium intensity workout for about 15 minutes.

Try breathing slowly during rest periods

Rest periods include not only the time that you use to recuperate between workouts, but any time of the day when you’re not actively running about. During both inter-workout periods and normal times, it is easy to become tense for whatever reason and shift from our normal breathing rhythm to a short, shallow one. This type of breathing tends to disrupt the normal flow of oxygen and increases the amount of carbon dioxide in blood. This creates cascade effects where the body prepares for the “flight or fight” response, subordinating all other metabolic processes, including burning of fat, in order to “survive”.

When, as in most cases, there is no immediate risk or danger, the solution to such physical anxiety is to take long deep breaths. Yoga and tai-chi emphasize such deep breathing systems for improving the body’s metabolic processes. Chanting of certain words along with the breathing can also improve the mental and physical states of the body considerably.

Food Consumption Centric Tips

Eat Fat, Avoid Sugar

Contrary to what many health ads suggest, sugars are the type of carbohydrates that you wish to avoid at all cost. Not only do they retard the fat-burning processes, but raise blood sugar levels, which in turn can increase health risks significantly. It can also interfere in hormone production, though the benefits of regular exercise can help negate this particular aspect somewhat.

More prudently, one should avoid sugar laden foods like ice creams, lattes, cakes and pastries, etc. at all costs. Replace them with healthy fatty foods that contain Omega-3. Omega-3 has been shown to improve eyesight, reduce heart problems and improve the body’s metabolic rate, which in turn improves its capacity to burn fat. Examples of good fatty foods include salmon and walnuts.

Workout on an empty stomach

It is second nature for many of us to head to the kitchen the moment we get out of the toilet after freshening up in the morning. Truth be told, provided you have followed maintenance and tips for rowing machines and other fitness equipment, youshould start working out immediately. Working out on an empty stomach allows your body to tap into the existing fat deposits and mobilize them, thus making empty stomach workouts one of the most popular tips for burning more fat.

However, one should remember that such workouts are not meant to be high intensity– the physical limitations of converting fats into energy will kick in and result in fatigue, compounded by the fact that the body at that moment does not have fresh energy reserves to metabolize.

Lifestyle Related Tips

Sleep more and sleep well

Sleep is the mother of all relaxation procedures, and it is vital to ensure that the body’s capacity to relax the muscles and reset the fat oxidation capacity, remain intact. If sufficient sleep is not available, furthermore, the toxins in the blood stream (including carbon dioxide, which can be toxic in high amounts) are not cleansed.

Taken together, these ensure that not only is enough oxygen not transported to the already fatigued muscles to allow them to function properly, the body’s inability to take enough oxygen to the fat deposit areas means that the muscles have to provide energy by metabolizing their own protein reserves. These together can destroy muscle efficacy and not only act as retardant towards weight loss, but cause various muscle issues as well.

Workout whenever you can

Provided you’ve not had lunch in the hour preceding the period, you should explore options for working out. Apart from hitting the gym at the workplace, you can also pick up a bicycle and cycle your way to work and back. During lunch time, some simple muscle training exercises that do not compress the stomach, can be tried out. Even some meditation during work intervals can be considered as part of the tips for burning more fat. To do this, you may want to check out a buying guide for rowing machines and other equipment that tells you how to buy equipment that allows for multiple types of workouts.

The reason these are considered so is because they provide the body opportunity to metabolize the fat and/or replenish the capacity to metabolize the fats that have been consumed during the past few days. This fat is easier to metabolize compared to the older, hardened adipose tissue, and removing it can tilt the weight loss curve in your favor.


When it comes to tips for burning more fat, every fitness enthusiast tends to have his/her priorities. Someone who has an extremely active lifestyle may need to carry out deep breathing for longer periods, but conversely, would not require the workout during work interval tips either. Thus, it is important that you figure out what your priorities are, and combine them to chalk out the fitness oriented lifestyle you’ve always wanted to follow. While we can never claim that this list of tips is exhaustive, they should catalyze your endeavor significantly.